Forest Journal — is an art project about nature, an attempt to describe and understand it anew.

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“Forest Journal” is a research project about nature, being realized in a set of thematic issues, which are publishing on the project web site Attempt to answer the question “What nature is?” leads to such practices as phenomenological and nature philosophical speculations, serial field observations, visual intuitions and cultural reflections.

Methodologically “Forest Journal” inherits natural history investigations of Goethe, literary genre of stories about wild life for kids, cross-disciplinary studies. Thus, it stays primarily field-based project, rested on perceptional experience.

Twelve issues a totally planned. Each of them has one major topic, revealed through textual descriptions and visual examples. It’s a kind of a gestalt, a pattern, constituting new vocabulary of nature. Events record, home tasks for readers break discursive layer of project, emphasizing chaotic, eventual perspective of nature. Each issue includes a contribution by one of guest artists.

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Concept, design and content - Ilya Dolgov.

with the participation: issue № 1 — Alex Buldakov; issue № 2 — Ilya Romanov; issue № 3 — Ivan Gorshkov; issue № 4 — Zhanna Dolgova; issue № 5 — Anastasia Tailakova; issue № 6 — Elizaveta Konovalova and Lucas Korte; issue № 7 — Elizaveta Konovalova and Anastasia Tailakova; issue № 8 — Zhanna Dolgova.

Thanks to: Zhanna Dolgova, «Garage» museum, Voronezh center for contemporary art, NCCA residence in Kronshtadt, Nizhniy Novgorod National Center for Contemporary Art.

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