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Forest Journal is a storybook about nature, an attempt to describe and understand it anew.

Please, keep in mind: the Forest Journal is a ten-year project; the views and approaches from early issues can be discarded in later ones. It is possible that authors nowadays do not support their statements from previous phases. We have made a tricky journey.
4 more issues are awaiting translation

“Forest Journal” is an art project about nature. An attempt to see, understand, and describe it anew. It consists of thematic issues and outlines the vocabulary of our nature’s experiences.

Modern science, philosophy, politics compete with each other in explaining and mastering living environments. Something tells us that very soon, the biosphere will change so much that it will no longer be the one that accompanied human societies from the beginning of their history.

It would be meaningful to step aside, slow down and take our time to ask the ancient question again: “What is nature?”.

The quest for an answer is a disquiet journey into a forest, to a poultry farm, a city wasteland, a lucerne field, a laboratory, a damp ravine. Let’s go!

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The Forest Journal is initiated and supported by Ilia Dolgov.

With the participation (in order of appearance): Alex Buldakov, Ilia Romanov, Ivan Gorshkov, Jeanne Dolgova, Anastasia Tailakova, Elizaveta Konovalova, Lucas Korte, the Plant Reporter, Henry Thoreau, Sasha Zubritskaya, Nitita Safonov, Sasha Pistoletova (Abakshina), Inha Lindarenka, Lisa Biletska, Anastasia Keineahnung.

Thanks to: Jeanne Dolgova, «Garage» museum, Voronezh center for contemporary art, NCCA residence in Kronshtadt, Nizhniy Novgorod National Center for Contemporary Art.

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